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Sincerely appreciate your kind interest on our company ROSINO and your consistent cooperation which we could leap and jump over futuristic target.

Founded in 2000, ROSINO has grown from a small scale chemical factory to the leading supplier of raw materials and solutions to the UV coatings, adhesives and electronic chemical industry. Our dedication to helping customers with solutions to their needs spurred ROSINO’s evolution and continuing expansion. In the first years of the millennium, ROSINO focused on providing sulfur-containing UV photoinitiators and establishing relationships with key producers for our supply chain. ROSINO then developed excellent sourcing exclusively of UV raw materials such as photoinitiators, acrylates and additives, strengthened our sales network to optimize delivery, expanded our domestic sales and service locations, and added to our advanced manufacturing and technical capabilities. 

Continuously, we are going to move forward our concrete position as leading companies. Customer satisfaction and impression is the most priority to be kept from our side and we will be the ROSINO who can lead and create valuable future.


    Michelle  Zhang

   Company President