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For 15 years since launching the domestic manufacturing of sulfur chlorides in 2002, we have been playing an active role in the sulfur-containing specialty chemicals industry ofthe times by making excellent use of our organic synthesis technologies we have in our hands.

Especially we succeeded in industrialization of a serial of aromatic sulfides, which enabled to support rubber & plastic processing and lubricant production. This success expanded our product applications field to UV-curing materials,information recording industry, functional materials and established our firm position in the domestic market.

Today, ROSINO is recognized as a specialist at home and abroad in the development, manufacturing and supply of sulfur-containing fine chemicals and raw materials to the global UV Ink & Coating industry.

We provide:

Development and Production of a broad rangeof UV raw materials:

n  Free radical Photoinitiators

n Photo acid generators

n UV epoxy oligomers

n UV acrylate monomers

n Specialty acrylates

n Additives

n Technical application support

n Recommending products to solve customers’problems

n Adjusting existing products to meetcustomers’ needs

n Developing new products for customers’ formulations

Over the years, ROSINO has a proud record of bringing high quality and special products to the market. The company’s highly skilled and experienced chemists, engineers, analysts, and technicians are all involved in product development and work together to further expand ROSINO’s product portfolio.  

Focusing on meeting customers’ needs, we contribute to providing innovative products, maintaining competitive pricing, continuously improving quality and providing a best-in-class level of regulatory affairs. 

Rosino achieves this by: 

n   Relying on a solid base of dedicated internal resources which cover all aspects of innovation

n   Remaining open to, and encouraging creativity fromall corners of the organization

n   Continually optimizing processes and back-integration

n   Having a structured approach in relation to external sources to complement and extend our knowledge

ROSINO has already established a number of strategic partnerships with key partners in specific areas of mutual interest and will continue to seek further opportunities in the future.