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ROSINO will continue to move forward as a state-of-the-art fine chemical ssupplier and manufacturer that produces the highest value-added products. We are also doing our best to secure the competitive powers of our clients by providing them with the products that they require in the rapidly changing market by developing environmentally friendly products for special uses.

We will conduct ourselves under the philosophy of the following course of action to realize firm and sustainable development of the society and the business enterprises.

Faithful behavior:  We will always perform faithful behavior

Compliance with the laws and rules:  We will give priority to compliance with the laws and rules over any pursuit of interests

Transparency:  Without distinguishing between good information and bad information, we will report and disclose all necessary information quickly and correctly

Safety first:  We will conduct ourselves by keeping our policy which safety is the top priority in our heart

Contribution to the global environment:  We will address the development, manufacturing and sales of the products which contributes to maintenance of the global environment

Customer satisfaction:  We will assess the customers’ needs correctly and provide quickly them with the products and services giving them full satisfactions

Health promotion:  We will try to create the active and health promoting work site