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A Brief Introducton

ROSINO began by developing and manufacturing of sulfur chlorides from the early year 2000, and domestically produced a serial of alkyl sulfide type metal extactants for separation of Pt and Pd in 2002 for the first time in China. Ever since, we have developed many rubber vulcanizing agents, antioxidants for rubber & plastic processing and rosin ester disproportionation based on the derivation of raw material, sulfur chlorides, which now boast world-class production capacity and sales volume.

Especially we succeeded in industrialization of a serial of aromatic sulfides, sulfoxides, sulfones. This success expanded our product applications field to engineer plastics, UV-curing materials, information recording industry, functional materials and established our firm position in the domestic market. 

We are good at:

   Sulfur chloride derivation (SCl2 & S2Cl2)

   Chlorination involved Cl2 gas

   Friedel-Crafts Reaction

   Reduction involved alkali metal sulfide or hydrazine as reductant



   Substitution involved sodium sulfide or polysulfide

With a strong product lineup that corresponds to market needs and individual specifications, ROSINO is working to offer high-quality products in a stable fashion. For more information about our product line, please download our updated catalogue.