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ROSINO has developed business centered on fine chemical products essential in people's everyday lives based on the various synthesis technologies that the company boasts. These chemicals are designed to improve the manufacturing process and to add high-value features in terms of resistance, performance, safety, color. The following products are classifed by their application field:

 Plastic & Rubber                                                                                        Download brochure  

ROSINO‘s antioxidant products provide excellent  stability against both thermal degradation  and scorch. The stabilizer allows production  of extremely clean XLPE. It is compatible  with PE and does not recrystallize in the end  product. Phenox 300 & Vulctac Tb7 are also be used as disproportionation catalyst for rosin ester; Vultac Tb7 is a nitrosamine-free vulcanizing agent, which gives ultra-fast curing speed.

   Product Code   CAS No.   Chemical Name
   Phenox 300   96-69-5   4,4'-Thiobis(6-tert-butyl-m-cresol)
   Phenox 1081
   90-66-1   2,2’-Thiobis(4-methyl-6-tert-butylphenol)
   Vultac TB7   60303-68-6   Poly-tert-butylphenol disulfide

  Modified polyers                                                                                     Download brochure        

The polycarbonate most used is manufactured by condensation polymerization between bisphenol A and either carbonyl chloride or diphenyl carbonate. Although the polycarbonate derived from bisphenol A is easily the most widely used polycarbonate, Modified co-polymers have been developed in which substituted bisphenols are added and reacted with diphenyl carbonate. The resulting polymer enhanced flame resistance or improve the polycarbonate's resistance to heat. Polysulfone is made by the reaction of the disodium salt of bisphenol with 4,4'- dichlorodiphenyl sulfone. These resins are heat-resistant plastics can be molded to tight tolerances and exhibit low creep under a sustained load at elevated temperatures and have excellent oxidation resistance and compressive strength. 

All the bisphenols, sulfoxides, sulfones in our prouct line are available to the typical or modified ploycarbonate & polysulfone preparation process.

   Product Code   CAS No.   Chemical Name
   F001   1774-34-1   4,4'-Dihydroxyl diphenyl sulfoxide
   F002   383-29-9   4,4'-Difluorodiphenyl sulfone
   F003   80-07-9   4,4'-Dichlorodiphenyl sulfone
   F004   6390-69-8   3,3',5,5'-Tetra-tert-butyl-2,2'-biphenyldiol

 Others                                                                                                Download brochure 

   Product Code   CAS No.   Chemcial Name   Application
   139-65-1   4,4'-Thiodianiline   Pharmaceitical intermediate
   M002   4273-98-7   2-Aminophenyl phenyl sulfone   Dye intermediate
   M003   461-84-7   4-(Trifluoromethylthio)phenol   Toltrazuril intermediate
   M004   3393-78-0
   4,4'-Dibromodiphenyl sulfide   Pharmaceitical intermediate
   M005   24197-34-0   Bis(4-hydroxy-3-methylphenyl)sulfide   Thermal recording paper
   M006   2929-96-6   2,2'-Thiobis(4-methylphenol)   Thermal recording paper

We believe all information is accurate. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee. Since conditions of use are beyond our control, all risks are assumed by the customer. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation for uses which infringe valid patents or as extendinga license under valid patents.