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Based on multiple years market research, ROSINOCHEM sells highly sensitive, thermostable and color-neutral photoinitiators with good solubility in common resist solvents. These have been qualified by major resist producers and offer a cost-effective solution to display resist and semiconductor packaging resist formulations.

Photo Acid Generators (PAGs)

Photoacid generators (PAGs) are important tools in materials science. With application possibilities ranging from nanoelectronics, such as in photoresists and semiconductor materials, to materials used for coating or curing, there is a demand for a broad range of photoacids and photoacid generators. It is known that ionic PAGs, such as those based on sulfonium or iodonium salts, can be excellent in their PAG capabilities

Continued miniaturization of microchips and ever-evolving computing power of semiconductors increase the demands in the photolithographic process. PAGs from ROSINOCHEM offer unique characteristics for critical layer resists.

i-line and broadband PAG

There is a marked growing demand for highly sensitive, good soluble i-line PAGs for various chemical amplified resist application. To meet this demand, ROSINOCHEM has developed a set of i-line, broadband and even g-line products.

Purity is based on the proven electronic grade quality of ROSIOCHEM. In production, most of our PAGs can be scaled-up cost efficiently to up to tons, making them attractive for semiconductor packaging as well as display resists.

Thermal acid generator

In order to meet the demand for thicker film resist, a growing number of formulations contain thermal acid generators to enable final curing during post-baking. ROSINOCHEM provides a set of products with various acid-releasing temperatures. For the final application, semiconductor-grade purity and cost efficiency are of the highest importance.