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ROSINO are developing new, high RI epoxy oligomers or monomers based on the fusion ofthe mini-channel reaction technology and organic synthesis technology that wehave cultivated over many years. Our main business can be spread off from epoxy, acrylate and hardener resins which are regarded as key components for PCB and FPCB based parts for electronic fields, to UV curable resins for Prism sheet in LCD display field, and we have already supplied the line-up to several overseas customers as well as domestic. Also we are sure that our epoxy resins with high purity and high refractive index can be useful for electronic component industry which is required as UV high refractive index or formulated varnish to prism sheet companies for LCD industry as well as MLCC (Multi-layerchip capacitor) with considerable sales records. 

Product CodeRefractive IndexFunctionalityViscosity(cps at 25℃)Features
REP-2501.58-1.592solidTDP epoxy
REP-2601.58-1.59210000TDP epoxy acrylate
REP-2551.58-1.59110000OPP epoxy acrylate